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Tickets & Entries in Rajaji National Park

All visitors to Rajaji National Park need entry permits in order to be allowed into the park. Permits are available at each of the gates to the park.


Cost of Permits
Rs.150/visit of about 3 hours
Foreigners: Rs.600/- /person/visit for foreigners in Chila Range, which is the showcase of Rajaji National Park. 

Cost of Gypsy : Rs.2500 from park gate

Vehicle Entry Charges : Rs.250/entry of vehicle for Indians and Rs.500/entry of vehicle for foreigners. 

Cost of Guide :  Rs.600 for general guide / Rs.1000 - Rs.1500  for experienced Bird and wildlife guide.

The entry timings are within sunrise to sunset, two times a day.
Morning: 6 am to 9 am
Evening: 3 pm to 6 pm

Important Information

  • Additional charges are levied for cameras and vehicle entry. It is Rs.250/entry of vehicle for Indians and Rs.500/entry of vehicle for foreigners. 

  • Student discount is only possible if it is a certified institutional educational Tour.
    Children above 3 years old are charged for entry in the park.

  • Still cameras are free for Indians and Rs.50 for foreigners.

  • A local guide is a must with every vehicle for Rs.300/drive.

Gypsies and other jeeps are available on hire from the gate for Jungle drive of 3 hrs for about Rs.1500/- but make sure to book them in advance since the number of visitors is more than the available Gypsies. Park drive is through undulating terrain crossing through river beds and mountain for about 3 hrs inside the park. 

This tariff is according to in information gathered from office of the Rajaji National Park.
Fee and Tariff Indian (In Rs.) Foreigner (In Rs.)
1. Entrance free 150 600
2. Road Fee for vehicle (Light, Heavy) 250 500
3. Camera Fee
(a) Still
(b) Movie/Video


4. Filming Charges
(a) Feature Film
(b) Documentary

2500.00/- per day

  5000.00/- per day
5. Security for above
(a) Feature Film
(b) Documentary


6. Elephant Ride Not offered Not offered

 Park remains open from 15th November to 15th June. It is closed during rainy season.

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