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Eco-friendly construction in Rajaji National Park

  • Use of weathered stones locally collected by the people living around the lodge.
  • Masonry has been done in such a manner that ambient temperature does not influence inside temperature too much making thick walls.
  • Corners of the building has been secured by using Brick pillars
  • Room height is kept 15ft in cottages to give more comfort and feeling of space.
  • The roof is covered with thatch to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Use of solar panels to have alternative energy source.
  • Wind directions have been considered
  • The sun factor for natural light and heat also has been considered.
  • All cottage rooms are built on a platform to give security and vantage point.
  • The labour used is local so that resource goes into local economy. Sewage is dispersed through Shankar –Balram septic tanks where water is reused for plants.
  • The tanks are located away from stream so that it does not pollute it.
  •  There are large verandahs where one can sit and watch birds beside having tea/coffee etc. in morning and evening.





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